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Landscape Tips for June

landscape tips for juneSummer has arrived! With an early arrival to summer, you’re sure to want our landscape tips for June. By the way… What happened to the Rose Festival curse? We aren’t sure what to think, but we are loving this beautiful sunshine!

Now that summer is on us, things will start getting dry. Be sure your lawn is getting enough water. As a general rule, you want to get at least an inch of water per week to keep a good green and healthy lawn.

June is still early enough to prune some plants if needed, so you can clean up some plants or do full pruning if needed. Planting new plants can still be done, you may just have to water a little more to keep them bright and plenty healthy.

Just a reminder: We landscape all through the year, every month we are planting new plants, the only difference is during hot dry weather we have to water more. Need some landscaping help? Give us a call.

Here are a few landscape tips for June

  • Spray weeds
  • Allow bulb foliage to completely yellow and then cut back to the ground
  • Prune spring-flowering shrubs and trees
  • Make sure raised beds receive enough water for plants to avoid drought  stress
  • Monitor azaleas, primroses and other broadleaf ornamentals for adult  root weevils.