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Landscape Tips for January

Happy 2012!

It’s January, start of a New Year, we’re ready to shake off the dust of 2011 and make 2012 a great year! We look forward to sharing this great year with you!

Landscape Tips for January

  • Check the soil moisture around boxwood and holly, water if needed
  • Snow can be used as mulch on perennials and areas where bulbs were planted last fall
  • Don’t walk on lawns until frost has melted
  • Make sure our recent deluges have not left bulbs and tree roots bare.

April Landscaping Tips

  • Apply a slow-release fertilizer to perennial beds
  • Cut back any perennials not trimmed in the fall
  • Apply a soil acidifier around the base of holly and boxwood
  • Add mulch or bark to beds if needed
  • Complete lawn seeding projects
  • Watch for aphids near the perennials
  • Divide perennials (now or next month)
  • Plant annuals (now or next month depending on weather)