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Make and Take: Hanging Basket Seminar 2011

Join us on Satuday, May 14th, 2011 to learn how to plant a hanging basket or pot.  We have the supplies and knowledge, you come to learn.  This is a pay seminar, but you will learn a new skill and have a beautiful product to take home and enjoy.  Please call us for details.  We only have 9 hanging baskets, so call now to reserve yours.  This would be a great seminar for your kids too.  503.663.5483.

May Landscaping Tips

May is a great time for planting.  We had a long winter this year and there is nothing better than to get this spring started with some splashes of color in your yard.  Hanging baskets are a great way to add color above ground level.

  • Divide perennials
  • Plant new perennials
  • Plants annuals
  • Cut back any mums that returned from last year by half

Mother’s Day Event 2011

Come join us in celebrating the amazing mothers in our community.  We are hosting an event on Saturday, May 7th from 10am-5pm at our Water Garden Center located at 9965 SE Orient Dr. in Boring.  We will have door prizes, drawing, and food.  Tumbleweed BBQ will be catering our event and offering food from 12pm-3pm.  We will have our hanging baskets brought in from a local nursery and our aquatic plants will be available in our greenhouse.  There are plenty of coupons floating around in the local papers for this event, so look out for them.  Bring your mom and come join us for this special event.

Water Plants Arriving 4/29!

Did you know that water plants are truly the jewels of the water garden?  They add texture and color, fragrance and beauty.  They also have the added benefit of controlling algae growth, natuarally.  Fish and plants work together to create a balanced ecosystem.  Our selection of water plants will be available on 4/29.

2011 Portland Home & Garden Show

This show was phenomenal.  We really had a good time and enjoyed talking to people about the work we do.  We met many new people and saw some of our valued customers.  Randy and Ted designed and built a beautiful display that included a paver patio, a sitting wall surrounding a Liquid Art Double Bubbler and two columns.  We had a lot of extra room and were able to also bring in some of the fantastic new items we have in our store to show off.  We loved our display so much, that we decided to bring it back to the store and now it is displayed in our showroom.  It looks so great!  As I type this, the guys are building yet another indoor display (insider hint: it will have a waterfall and some koi).  We hope those of you that were able to join us at the Home and Garden Show enjoyed yourselves and will use the coupons we passed out.  For those of you not able to attend, we will be sending the coupons out in the email blast, so make sure to open it.  If you aren’t on our email list just click the link on our website to join or send us an email and we will send one out to you.

2010 Winterizing Your Pond Seminar Notes

Did you miss our Free Seminar?  Don’t worry, here’s a recap.

-Winterizing Your Pond Seminar-


-Introduction and brief history of Creative Visions

Creative Visions Landscape, Inc has been in business in the Portland Metro & Vancouver Area for 24 years. We started out providing maintenance services and in 1999 became licensed by the Landscape Contractors Board to do landscaping and water features. Our location where we are at now, we purchased 7 years ago. We operate our landscape company there and in March

2010 we opened our Water Garden Center. We hope it to be a destination for the water garden connoisseur for years to come.


-Water gardening philosophy

Our philosophy at Creative Visions Landscape & Water Garden Center is to provide good quality products and services that work well and the information on how to use them. If we don’t have the answer to your questions we will research it and get the answer for you. We also don’t think it is beneficial to our customers to be the cheapest in town or the most elite, so our goal is to have affordable equipment, products and services so you our most valued customer can maintain a healthy pond/water feature at an affordable price.


-Brief outline of the course

Topics covered today will include water health, fall and winter feeding, fall maintenance check list, cleaning your pond in the fall, cozy winter water, re-cap the most important keys and go over a winter maintenance check list.


-Water Health

• Water testing is extremely important especially for new ponds and during the early spring months. Test kits are available or you can bring in a water sample and we’d be happy to test it. Track your results so that you can detect any early warning signs of a crash. Usually what happens is that everything seems normal to the eye but the chemistry of the water is slowly walking towards the edge of a cliff. Once it falls of the cliff you are experiencing a crash, fish will start dying and it is extremely hard to bring the water back to equilibrium. Continue reading