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2016 Koi Contest – Voting

Welcome to our 2016 Koi Contest Voting.

No political mumbo-jumbo here! Just pictures of some beautiful koi!

Don’t have any koi? Take a close look. These pictures may inspire you to add koi to your pond. Next year you could enter the contest!

We appreciate you participating in the contest by sending in your photos, voting and getting your friends and family to vote as well!

2016 Koi Contest Voting is open January 20-23.

Vote for your single favorite koi. The winner will be announced via email,  Facebook and our website on January 26th.

The winner will receive:
– One 5lb bag of fish food each month from April – October.
– Bragging rights and the picture of their award winning Koi prominently hung in our Water Garden Center for 2016.

Please carefully look at all the koi, then vote at the bottom of the page for your single favorite koi.

Click on the picture to see the FULL IMAGE.

Pond Tips for May

pond tips
Pond tips… Your pond is about to wake up and come out of hibernation, so you need some pond tips! First, you need to clear out any debris that is in or around your pond. When water temperatures are between 40° and 55°F, clean your pond filter and pump thoroughly.

Spring is a good time to do a partial water change. As ponds awaken, a “spring green” may appear in the water until plants and bacteria get established. This is a normal algae bloom and will clear up on its own once plants have grown and the filter has recovered to take care of excess nutrients.

Do not start feeding your pond fish until the pond water is at least 50°F.

Here are a few other pond tips? Look no further…

  • Add beneficial bacteria. Remember beneficial bacteria removes ammonia, nitrite, nitrate, and organic debris such as dead leaves, uneaten fish food, fish waste etc., that cause water clarity problems.
  • Maintain salt level between 2.5 – 3.0 ppt.
  • Back flush filter media weekly.
  • Minimum 10% weekly water change.
  • Check chemical levels.

Remember, if you have questions about your pond, give us a call or stop by the store. We are happy to help you find a solution to your pond problems. We keep pumps, filters, skimmers, liner/underlayment, UV supplies, water treatments, aquatic plants, koi and other fish and fish food in stock.

Name That Koi!

Help Us Name Our New Koi!


Contest Instructions:

Help us name our five new show koi! Look over each koi’s profile and submit your name suggestions.  We encourage you to even visit them at our Water Garden Center—the pictures do not do them justice!  Each winner will receive a $20 gift certificate to Creative Visions Landscapes, Inc. so send your submissions today! Please submit suggestions via email. Make sure to write the number of the koi next to the name submission. Make sure to include your contact information (name, phone number, email address)!

Submissions Deadline: October 15th, 2011
Announcement of the five lucky winners: October 20th, 2011

Meet… Koi #1:


Silver, Blue/Black & Orange with Red Splotches



This cool, metallic-looking guy admitted has a strange habit: he loves to pretend he is a wild steelhead since he believes he bears a striking resemblance to them!  Also, his favorite television show is “Hillbilly Handfishing” because he likes to imagine that the crazy people catching the catfish are actually being eaten, which makes him chuckle.

Meet… Koi #2:





This striking gal’s favorite activity is playing peek-a-boo behind the water lettuce that grows in the pond.  She is a ray of sunshine within this group of fish and has a great sense of humor.  She also loves long swims at the bottom of the pond and nibbling gourmet fish food dinners by candlelight.

Meet… Koi #3:


Black with Orange Scale Plating



This guy’s markings are quite exceptional: when the sun hits him just right, his scales exude an orange color so that it seems as though his scales are a fish-netting texture.  Not only is he physically unique, but this big lug is quite the character!  He enjoys the occasional pet and stroke by the store workers, and he also loves to show off his impressive ability to breach– just as if he were a mini-whale (Although he certainly is not a mini-koi—he is the longest of the group!).  When asked what actor would play him in a movie of his life, he enthusiastically answered: Free Willy or Brad Pitt, whoever is available.

Meet… Koi #4:


White, Orange, & Black



The smallest of the bunch, this young chap is happiest when he gets to tag along with the rest of the gang.  He is a bit self-conscious about his crooked tail, but Koi #2 (our yellow gal) cheers him up and helps him joke about it.  He loves to follow her under the water lettuce where they play peek-a-boo together.  His strangest habit is that he enjoys attempting to perform the side stroke by periodically swimming completely on his side.  He says that is inspired by Nemo from the film Finding Nemo because he doesn’t let his tiny fin stop him from living a life of adventure!

Meet Koi #5:


White, Black & Blue



This lady is not only gorgeous, but has an alluring personality.  She enjoys welcoming visitors by gracefully swimming over in order to dazzle them with her stunning markings and her attractively plump belly.  Her dream is to compete in a beauty contest and win her very own tiara.  Her celebrity crush is Prince Harry, and she believes she would make an elegant addition to the royal family.