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Spring and Fall Cleanup

Creative Visions Landscape provides specialized Spring and Fall Cleanup Services.

Spring Cleanup

Spring is the season of growth and restoration. Once the cold, snow, and ice of winter melt off and warm up, often times it leaves a lot of clean up to be done. It’s time to clean up those broken limbs, dead plantings, fencing that’s blown over, bricks and stones that have sunk in and wet decomposing piles of leaves. Nobody looks forward to that! Give us a call! Go enjoy your weekend!

spring cleanup



Fall Cleanup

Fall in the Pacific Northwest is such a beautiful time! The leaves change colors, the crisp cooler temperatures arrive, kids head back to school and fall sports kick into gear. It’s a great time of the year. Did you know your property needs special attention in the fall to prepare for winter? Fall clean-up service from Creative Visions Landscapes ensures that your shrubs are pruned and ready for the cold winter months. We’ll also clean the beautiful leaves that have turned into a mess in your flower beds. They should be removed before they get wet and start molding.

fall cleanup