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If you’re backyard water feature is a small water garden, you might be wondering why a pond pump or a garden water pump is necessary. You don’t have fish or a large amount of water, so what good can a pond pump do for you?

Filters do the water cleaning, but without a garden water pump, much of your water would remain dirty. A pond pump can: circulate water, limit bacteria growth and assist filtration as well as other things.

  • Circulation is vital to water garden health, even with minimal fish, plants and water. If your water isn’t circulating, it can’t all be cleaned.
  • Water gardens can be especially susceptible to unhealthy bacteria growth due to shallow water and extreme temperature changes. To reduce unwanted bacteria without harming your plants and fish, use a pond pump
  • In summer and fall seasons, extra leaves and debris can enter your filtering system. With a garden water pump for your water garden, you can screen out larger items before they reach the filter.

Not all pumps are alike, they are designed for a specific application. Some are high efficient to run, others are made for high head only, some are solid handling, and some only can be put in a skimmer. Call 503-663-5483 if you have any questions. We can size that pump for your particular situation.

We carry pumps from the following manufacturers:


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Savio pump       Little giant pump        pondmaster pump



We carry submersible and external pumps. Again, we’re happy to help you determine the size of pump needed for your size of pond. Give us a call!