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Knowledge is the key to successful water gardening. Creative Visions Landscapes is a great place to learn about water gardens and fish. Here is some basic information.

Whatever fish you add to your water feature, be sure that they are pond fish suited for outdoor life. Aquarium fish generally do not do well. We suggest stocking your pool with our Japanese Koi and/or Goldfish varieties. Both are members of the Carp family and can be mixed in your pool. Start with at least the three to four inch size. Koi (which means brocaded carp) have been developed to a magnificent variety of patterns and colors. Metallic golds, silvers and coppers, brilliant tri-color combinations, blues, lemon yellows, bright oranges and platinum whites are some of the colors available.

Shubunkin: Shubunkins have blue-tinted skin speckled with other colors. Shubunkin are a great way to add color to your fish collection.

Koi/Butterfly Koi: Koi are a popular choice for pond fish, they can disrupt aquatic plants because they are extremely active. Koi are available in a huge assortment of colors and patterns. They can live up to 50 years.

** Decommissioning your pond and need a place for your fish?  Call us at: 503-663-5483.

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