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Do I need a filter for my pond?


If you plan on stocking your pond with fish, plants, or a combination of both, then your answer is undoubtedly, “yes.” Filtration is critical to maintaining the integrity of your pond and keeping it clean. A properly installed filtration system will pull water from the bottom of your pond and recirculate it throughout the pond. This movement of water prevents it from becoming stagnant and prevents pond turnover.

What type of filter is best for my pond?

This question’s answer is largely dependent upon the type of pond you have or are planning. There is one main factor that should influence your choice of filtration systems; whether or not you plan on stocking your pond with fish or other aquatic wildlife. We will discuss the functions of several types of filtration, as well as for what applications they are best suited.

There are two basic kind of filters: biological and mechanical.

Biological Filtration
If you are looking for a way to remove toxins from your pond water and to provide a safe and healthy environment for your aquatic wildlife, biological filtration is the best option for you.
Mechanical Filtration
If your pond is solely ornamental or you are looking for a pre-filter for your pump, then you will probably find the need for a mechanical filter.
All the filters we carry have back flush for easy cleaning.

We carry filters from the following manufacturers:

 AQUAUV-LOGO1  We carry the 2000 and 4000 series. Any 6000 and up need to be special ordered. 

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