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Water Garden Center

Name That Koi!

Help Us Name Our New Koi!


Contest Instructions:

Help us name our five new show koi! Look over each koi’s profile and submit your name suggestions.  We encourage you to even visit them at our Water Garden Center—the pictures do not do them justice!  Each winner will receive a $20 gift certificate to Creative Visions Landscapes, Inc. so send your submissions today! Please submit suggestions via email. Make sure to write the number of the koi next to the name submission. Make sure to include your contact information (name, phone number, email address)!

Submissions Deadline: October 15th, 2011
Announcement of the five lucky winners: October 20th, 2011

Meet… Koi #1:


Silver, Blue/Black & Orange with Red Splotches



This cool, metallic-looking guy admitted has a strange habit: he loves to pretend he is a wild steelhead since he believes he bears a striking resemblance to them!  Also, his favorite television show is “Hillbilly Handfishing” because he likes to imagine that the crazy people catching the catfish are actually being eaten, which makes him chuckle.

Meet… Koi #2:





This striking gal’s favorite activity is playing peek-a-boo behind the water lettuce that grows in the pond.  She is a ray of sunshine within this group of fish and has a great sense of humor.  She also loves long swims at the bottom of the pond and nibbling gourmet fish food dinners by candlelight.

Meet… Koi #3:


Black with Orange Scale Plating



This guy’s markings are quite exceptional: when the sun hits him just right, his scales exude an orange color so that it seems as though his scales are a fish-netting texture.  Not only is he physically unique, but this big lug is quite the character!  He enjoys the occasional pet and stroke by the store workers, and he also loves to show off his impressive ability to breach– just as if he were a mini-whale (Although he certainly is not a mini-koi—he is the longest of the group!).  When asked what actor would play him in a movie of his life, he enthusiastically answered: Free Willy or Brad Pitt, whoever is available.

Meet… Koi #4:


White, Orange, & Black



The smallest of the bunch, this young chap is happiest when he gets to tag along with the rest of the gang.  He is a bit self-conscious about his crooked tail, but Koi #2 (our yellow gal) cheers him up and helps him joke about it.  He loves to follow her under the water lettuce where they play peek-a-boo together.  His strangest habit is that he enjoys attempting to perform the side stroke by periodically swimming completely on his side.  He says that is inspired by Nemo from the film Finding Nemo because he doesn’t let his tiny fin stop him from living a life of adventure!

Meet Koi #5:


White, Black & Blue



This lady is not only gorgeous, but has an alluring personality.  She enjoys welcoming visitors by gracefully swimming over in order to dazzle them with her stunning markings and her attractively plump belly.  Her dream is to compete in a beauty contest and win her very own tiara.  Her celebrity crush is Prince Harry, and she believes she would make an elegant addition to the royal family.

Creative Visions Landscapes, Participating in Shop Sandy Charm Bracelet Program!

Creative Visions Landscapes is proudly participating in the Shop Sandy Charm Bracelet Program!

Sandy Area Chamber of Commerce has launched their “Shop Sandy” campaign beginning with the Charm Bracelet program. This program encourages Sandy residents to shop locally. 

Starter bracelets may be purchased for $5 at the Sandy Area Visitor Center, located at 38963 Pioneer Blvd, Sandy, Oregon.  The program will run through Dec. 31. Maps of participating businesses are available at the Visitor Center.

Once you’ve picked up your bracelet, come by Creative Visions Landscapes and Water Garden Center at 9965 SE Orient Drive, Boring, Oregon and purchase our fish charm representative of the fish we sell in our retail store. 

Water Plants Arriving 4/29!

Did you know that water plants are truly the jewels of the water garden?  They add texture and color, fragrance and beauty.  They also have the added benefit of controlling algae growth, natuarally.  Fish and plants work together to create a balanced ecosystem.  Our selection of water plants will be available on 4/29.

2011 Spring Pond Jumpstart Seminar

Please join us for our first seminar of the season.  Saturday, April 2nd at 10am or 2pm.  At 9965 SE Orient Dr. in Boring.  Space is limited, so please RSVP.  This seminar will go over pond cleaning, fish care, and algae.  Ben will be presenting.  He is new to our staff and we are so happy to have him.  He is very knowledgeable and has extensive experience with pond building, maintenance and fish handling and care.  We know you will enjoy hearing him and come away knowing how to tackle your pond this spring.  There will be a seminar special for (3) products including the Microbe-Lift Bacteria for Spring/Summer and AlgaeFix.

August 2010 Specials

20% off all our Bubbler Water Feature Displays until the end of September.

Clearance Table 50% Off

Lighted Christmas Yard Art on display now!

Lighted xmas decor Lighted xmas decor Lighted xmas decor
Lighted xmas decor Lighted xmas decor xmas lights

2010 Fall/Winter Pond Maintenance-Microbe Management

Did you spend more time than you would have liked this year trying to get your pond water clean and clear?  Did you suffer from a case of never ending pea soup colored pond water? Or maybe you still haven’t been able to see your fish this year… Or the looming thought of just one truck load of dirt to bury the headaches all together?  Face it, a pond or water feature takes a lot of hard work to go from a dream to a reality.  If all of this is sounding a little too familiar, now is the time to start to make next year easier and less of a hassle.  There are a few key steps to take in the next few months as the leaves change that are necessary to prepare for winter and ensure that your water garden is in top shape for the beginning of next spring.  Fall and winter maintenance is often forgotten or overlooked and can be the keystone in your maintenance routine. Continue reading