2014 Pond Contest Voting

Welcome to our 2014 Pond Contest Voting. We can’t believe this is already our fourth annual pond contest. We received some beautiful photos of some fantastic ponds. Take a close look, it may just spur an idea about a pond for yourself!

Vote for your 3 favorite ponds. Pond Contest Voting is open June 17-24 2013. Winners will be announced on Facebook and our website on June 27th.

Pond Contest Prizes include:
1st Place – Gift Certificate valued at $200
2nd Place – Gift Certificate valued at $100
3rd Place – Gift Certificate valued at $50

Please carefully look at all the ponds, then vote at the bottom of the page for your 3 favorite ponds.

Click on the picture of the pond to see a larger image.



October Landscape Tips


Wow! Fall is here. We hope you all survived the crazy rain & wind that bombarded us over the last couple weeks. Hopefully Mother Nature has that out of her system & we can get a little reprieve. Or at least enough of a break that we can get cleaned up from the storm. We lost some branches during the storm so, we’re doing a lot of clean up to our grounds. There are also leaves to be raked, water features to winterize, drainage to improve. We’ve got projects to wrap up before winter hits! Need some October landscape tips? Here are some we’d like to share with you.

  • Cut back perennials.
  • Plant bulbs.
  • Use newspaper or cardboard covered by mulch to discourage winter and spring annual weeds or remove a lawn area for conversion to garden beds. For conversion, work in the paper and mulch as organic matter once the lawn grass has died.
  • If needed, improve soil drainage needs of lawns before rain begins.
  • To suppress future pest problems, clean up annual flower beds by removing diseased plant materials, overwintering areas for insect pests; mulch with manure or garden compost to feed the soil and suppress weeds.
  • Store garden supplies and fertilizers in a safe, dry place out of reach of children.

September Landscape Tips

September Landscape TipsSeptember has arrived! Kids are back in school, fall sports are in full swing and we’re back into “normal” schedules. We love this time of the year in Oregon! For many of us, this is why we live here. September can bring cool mornings, warm afternoons and beautiful sunsets! Awww… fall in the Northwest!

Maintaining a full-time job, running kids around to sports practices & games and keeping everyone fed keeps our schedules really full. Which can make it difficult to remember what you’re supposed to do with your landscape. So, here are some September Landscape tips to help you out.

  • Check soil moisture levels through December
  • Divide hosta and daylilies
  • Plant fall flowers like pansies
  • Complete fall lawn seeding projects
  • Aerate lawns

Here are a few extra tips…

  • Remember when purchasing bulbs, the size of the bulb is directly correlated to the size of the flower yet to come in spring.
  • Plant or transplant woody ornamentals and mature herbaceous perennials. Fall planting of trees, shrubs and perennials can encourage healthy root growth over the winter.
  • Stop irrigating your lawn after Labor Day to suppress European crane fly populations.

Pond Tips for June

pond tips for juneNeed some pond tips for June? We’ve got them. Summer has arrived and it is time to start changing some of the maintenance activities.

Having a Koi pond at your home is undoubtedly the quickest way to reduce stress and noise that you have to deal with on a regular basis. This peaceful and quiet place is essentially a man-made paradise. Apart from eliminating stress and tension from your mind, a Koi pond is a perfect way of adding beauty to your backyard or any outdoor space.  However, it requires some effort to keep it in its healthiest and most attractive condition.

Here are a few other pond tips? Look no further…

  • Do not start feeding your pond fish until the pond water is at least 50°F.
  • Add beneficial bacteria. Remember beneficial bacteria removes ammonia, nitrite, nitrate, and organic debris such as dead leaves, uneaten fish food, fish waste etc., that cause water clarity problems.
  • Maintain salt level between 2.5 – 3.0 ppt.
  • Switch to higher protein food 2-4 times daily.
  • Back flush filter media weekly.
  • Minimum 10% weekly water change.
  • Check chemical levels.

Whether you have a water garden, pondless water features, large koi pond, or two acre lake, Creative Visions Landscapes can help get what you want out of that body of water and enjoy your pond. We carry many different pond supplies including; pumps, filters, skimmers, liner/underlayment, UV supplies, water treatments, aquatic plants, koi and other fish and fish food. So, if you have a question about your pond, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Landscape Tips for June

landscape tips for juneSummer has arrived! With an early arrival to summer, you’re sure to want our landscape tips for June. By the way… What happened to the Rose Festival curse? We aren’t sure what to think, but we are loving this beautiful sunshine!

Now that summer is on us, things will start getting dry. Be sure your lawn is getting enough water. As a general rule, you want to get at least an inch of water per week to keep a good green and healthy lawn.

June is still early enough to prune some plants if needed, so you can clean up some plants or do full pruning if needed. Planting new plants can still be done, you may just have to water a little more to keep them bright and plenty healthy.

Just a reminder: We landscape all through the year, every month we are planting new plants, the only difference is during hot dry weather we have to water more. Need some landscaping help? Give us a call.

Here are a few landscape tips for June

  • Spray weeds
  • Allow bulb foliage to completely yellow and then cut back to the ground
  • Prune spring-flowering shrubs and trees
  • Make sure raised beds receive enough water for plants to avoid drought  stress
  • Monitor azaleas, primroses and other broadleaf ornamentals for adult  root weevils.

Landscape Tips for April

April Landscape Tips

Happy April!

We hope you’re as excited about the upcoming springtime as we are! The trees and flowers are starting to bloom! Spring around Creative Visions Landscapes is always fun. There is so much work to do. We figure you might need a little help with some landscape tips.

  • Apply a slow-release fertilizer to perennials beds
  • Cut back any perennials not trimmed in the fall
  • Apply a soil acidifier around the base of holly and boxwood
  • Add mulch or bark to beds if needed
  • Complete lawn seeding projects
  • Watch for aphids near the perennials
  • Divide perennials (now or next month)
  • Plant annuals (now or next month depending on weather)

Second Annual Beer and Wine Tasting Event A Success!


On Saturday, July 21st we had our Second Annual Beer and Wine Tasting Event. We chose for this event to benefit the USS Ranger Foundation. They are working to save the USS Ranger through public and private partnerships and bring it to Fairview, Oregon on the beautiful Columbia River as a museum, military memorial and civic center.

Many generous individuals and local companies including: Creative Visions Landscapes and Water Garden Center, Francis Xaviers, Gresham Ford, i4 Marketing, Jazzy Bagels, Nancy’s Floral, Night Owl Custom Apparel, Ron Pompel, USS Ranger Foundation donated raffle items. The proceeds of the raffle tickets and 20% of all purchases were donated to The USS Ranger Foundation.

Thanks to our great customers & the generous companies we exceeded our fundraising goal. We will be presenting the funds to the Ranger Foundation on Friday, July 27th at the Gresham Area Chamber of Commerce meeting at RiverView Community Bank.

Best Burger Gournet Food Cart catered the event, and the food was plentiful & mouth-watering. Skyland Pub conducted the beer tasting, which included a special Ranger Beer. Alder Tree Vineyard conducted the wine tasting, which everyone really enjoyed as well! The event was a real hit and we are already working on our Forth Annual Wine Tasting Event for the summer of 2013.


































2012 Pond Contest Results

Wow! Thanks to all who participated in the Creative Visions Landscapes 2nd Annual Pond Contest. We really enjoyed looking at all your amazing ponds! Next years Pond Contest will be held during the month of June. So, if you weren’t able to participate this year, get it on your calendar for next year!

Thank you for taking the time to vote and participate with us in this fun contest.

Congratulations to our top three finishers this year.

First Place – The Roe Family



Second Place – The Deal Family




Third Place – The Chandoke Family

Vote On The Names For Our Koi

The names have been submitted and narrowed down to the top 5. Now we need your help choosing the appropriate names for our koi. Please vote for one name for each Koi.

Voting ends on Thursday, October 20th at noon! Winners will be announced that evening on our facebook page & in an email on Friday.

Name That Koi!

Help Us Name Our New Koi!


Contest Instructions:

Help us name our five new show koi! Look over each koi’s profile and submit your name suggestions.  We encourage you to even visit them at our Water Garden Center—the pictures do not do them justice!  Each winner will receive a $20 gift certificate to Creative Visions Landscapes, Inc. so send your submissions today! Please submit suggestions via email. Make sure to write the number of the koi next to the name submission. Make sure to include your contact information (name, phone number, email address)!

Submissions Deadline: October 15th, 2011
Announcement of the five lucky winners: October 20th, 2011

Meet… Koi #1:


Silver, Blue/Black & Orange with Red Splotches



This cool, metallic-looking guy admitted has a strange habit: he loves to pretend he is a wild steelhead since he believes he bears a striking resemblance to them!  Also, his favorite television show is “Hillbilly Handfishing” because he likes to imagine that the crazy people catching the catfish are actually being eaten, which makes him chuckle.

Meet… Koi #2:





This striking gal’s favorite activity is playing peek-a-boo behind the water lettuce that grows in the pond.  She is a ray of sunshine within this group of fish and has a great sense of humor.  She also loves long swims at the bottom of the pond and nibbling gourmet fish food dinners by candlelight.

Meet… Koi #3:


Black with Orange Scale Plating



This guy’s markings are quite exceptional: when the sun hits him just right, his scales exude an orange color so that it seems as though his scales are a fish-netting texture.  Not only is he physically unique, but this big lug is quite the character!  He enjoys the occasional pet and stroke by the store workers, and he also loves to show off his impressive ability to breach– just as if he were a mini-whale (Although he certainly is not a mini-koi—he is the longest of the group!).  When asked what actor would play him in a movie of his life, he enthusiastically answered: Free Willy or Brad Pitt, whoever is available.

Meet… Koi #4:


White, Orange, & Black



The smallest of the bunch, this young chap is happiest when he gets to tag along with the rest of the gang.  He is a bit self-conscious about his crooked tail, but Koi #2 (our yellow gal) cheers him up and helps him joke about it.  He loves to follow her under the water lettuce where they play peek-a-boo together.  His strangest habit is that he enjoys attempting to perform the side stroke by periodically swimming completely on his side.  He says that is inspired by Nemo from the film Finding Nemo because he doesn’t let his tiny fin stop him from living a life of adventure!

Meet Koi #5:


White, Black & Blue



This lady is not only gorgeous, but has an alluring personality.  She enjoys welcoming visitors by gracefully swimming over in order to dazzle them with her stunning markings and her attractively plump belly.  Her dream is to compete in a beauty contest and win her very own tiara.  Her celebrity crush is Prince Harry, and she believes she would make an elegant addition to the royal family.